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  • Acquire land to cultivate an eco-friendly farm where teens and the elderly can grow food together side by side, hand and hand.

  • Recruit and hire staff for pantry and center.

  • Activities that Promote the Arts

  • Secure equipment, computers, sewing machines, and furniture, etc. for the center.

  • Attain a model “Consume to Live”  safe space community facility for teens that will accommodate classes to include cooking, computer literacy, sewing, tutoring, self-improvement, financial literacy and “free to speak” sessions. Additionally, teens will have a place to retreat for fun, relaxation, socialization, and skills and human development.   This facility will also offer community rental of its banquet hall to provide additional funds.


  • An eat to live focus

  • Do for-self emphasis

  • Positive and caring contributors

  • Client centric service

  • Nutritious eco-friendly farm

  • State-of-the-art facility

  • Conveniently located neighborhood facilities

  • Essential self-improvement classes

  • Teen-agers and young adults facility employees

  • Elderly and teen centered partnerships

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