Enough To Share, Inc. is a 501c3 state registered non-profit organization.  Our efforts are to help provide quality groceries for those in need--our elderly, our children, the homeless, the unemployed, college students, etc.‚Äč


The vision of Enough To Share is to ignite neighborhood and community facilities throughout the country where those in need will be able to learn and utilize survival and human relations skills.

Firdous Community Garden

Enough To Share Food Pantry is partnering with Firdous Community Garden to plant, grow, and harvest food for our community and clients. This is the second year Enough To Share has participated in this much needed adventure. Contact Linda at 404-317-5575 or Kareemah at 404-775-6564.  


Enough To Share Food Pantry Board Members Linda Abdul-Azeez, Founder and CEO,Rashid Rashad, president, Amina S. Ali, vice president, Kareemah Amir--Treasurer, Lail Melton, Jr., Parliamentarian,Nafeesah Fudaeel, Advisory Board—Accountant/Lawyer, Saudia Muwwakkil, Advisory Board—Public Relations Consultant, Angelo and Annise Omari—Marketing Consultants, Jalal M. Abdul-Azeez—Member/Social Media, Di'Nita Johnson. Secretary


Linda Abdul-Azeez, Anita Wallace, Nafeesah Madyun, Nassar Madyun, Gaynell Bilal, Daaiyah Shahid, Kareema Lesane, Rasheedah Shamsiddeen, Yahya Muhammad, & Jalal Abdul-Azeez, John Muhammad, Sabir Muhammad

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