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Legacy Torch Scholarship Guidelines

This Award is presented in honor of the late Jessie V. Williams. A woman of integrity, determination, and God-consciousness. She was a renowned seamstress and a community-involved advocate. The E2S Legacy Torch cash award ($1000 to be given to a graduated male and $1000 to be given to a graduated female), will be awarded at the Enough to Share Appreciation, Awareness Benefit to be held the first week in February Recipients will be announced in January of the same year. The 2021 recipients were Jihad Abdul-Rahman and Nicole Clennons who are graduates of the class of 2020; and the male recipient for the 2022 cash award was Yaqin Muhammad (graduate of the class of 2021.) The 2023 recipients is Dewayne Blocker, class of 2022 graduate.


1. Be a graduate of the graduating class of the current year---one male and one female.

2. Serve our community, in school and out of school, identifying at least 100 service hours (can include entire years of high school). Evidence needed with signatures.

3. Be an E2S youth volunteer—

85 hours, 9th-12th grade—serve during hours of operation (may get permission to serve other days). Let designated support team volunteer or supervisor initial the volunteer form indicating where worked, and the no. of hours worked. Once hours are obtained for the month, turn form in to authorized person and receive a new form.

4. Show evidence of learning on a higher level, i.e. college, military, internship/apprenticeship, etc. 

5. Always exemplify respectful character.

6. Upon your request the E2S Legacy Torch application/short answer questions will be forward to you and must be submitted to on or before the end of the current year.

7. Other volunteer opportunities may be made available for interested parties to earn hours.



Linda Abdul-Azeez, founder/ceo / 404-317-5575

Marsha El-Amin, supervisor / 404-992-1530

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